Frequently Asked Questions

  • How are transportation and delivery of orders carried out?

    Transportation is carried out twice a week from Turkey and once a week from USA. Parcels will be delivered 3 hours after entering our offices.

  • How can I refund my bank payment?

    In order to receive the package, the customer's identity document (ID card, student card, driver's license, etc.) is required in person or a copy.

  • What are the documents required to receive the parcel?

    In order to receive the package, the customer's identity document (ID card) is requiredin person.

  • How much will my credit card be charged?

    The transaction percentage to be deducted from your card when ordering is determined by the bank to which your card belongs.

  • The working hours?

    Orders are accepted and inquiries are answered 24/7. Delivery of parcels takes place every day of the week from 10.00 to 18.00, including Saturday. It operates in a special mode from 09.00 to 17.00, 5 days a week.

  • Where is your office located?

    Ahmad Racabli, 27b.

  • What is the Domestic Cargo Services?

    Delivery of your order from the site in any country to our warehouse in that country is carried out by courier companies in that country. Those companies charge a certain amount to deliver your package. That amount will appear on the sites where you ordered the product. Some sites do not charge domestic shipping when your purchase amount is high.

  • Can two or more parcels be combined into a single one?

    Mobex does not provide parcel binding services. We deliver the products to you just as the seller presents your orders to our overseas warehouse.

  • How are the freight costs calculated?

    Delivery time depends on the site you ordered. Delivery time in sellers is 3-7 days. Deli-very times may be extended on weekends and public holidays. Your closure will take pla-ce in Baku no later than 4 days after the seller delivers your order to our warehouse ab- road.

  • Can I return the item I bought?

    Refund service by Mobex is not available. To do this, you can send the purchased product back to the store using Azerpocht services.

  • How many days does delivery of my order take?

    Delivery time depends on the site you ordered. Delivery time in sellers is 3-7 days. Delivery times may be extended on weekends and public holidays. Closing takes place in Baku 4-5 days after the seller delivers your order to our warehouse abroad.

  • How can I place an order from websites that do not accept Azerbaijani bank cards?

    If your card is not accepted on the site where you want to make a purchase, then we offer you the "Order" service. First, register on our site. Immediately after registration, go to the "Profile" section and select the link to your favorite product from the "Order" section. The system will provide you with the price, size of the product, the price of the domestic cargo you ordered and the final amount plus the cost of +5 percent of the order we made for you. (If you do not have any of this information, you add it yourself.) After sending the links to our site, you pay the final amount to our account and we buy the product for you. In this case, the Declaration is attached by our staff.

  • What is total order value?

    According to the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan, individuals can use the duty-free limit of $ 300 for non-commercial purposes within 30 calendar days.

  • What items are prohibited to ship?

    Products prohibited for import to the Republic of Azerbaijan by individuals and received by international mail are as follows.

    1. All types of weapons, ammunition (except for ammunition for hunting weapons), all military items, military equipment.

    2. Radioactive substances, drugs and psychotropic substances and accessories for their use, various toxic substances.

    3. Books and advertising materials that promote immorality, violence, terrorism.

    4. Liquefied substances (sprays, paints, perfumes, air cushions, dry shampoo, etc.).

    5. Flammable and explosive substances and materials used for their manufacture.

    6. Food, alcoholic beverages, tobacco and tobacco products, electronic cigarettes, perishable foods and products requiring special storage.

    7. Animals, plants and seeds.

    8. Special secret means of communication, hidden cameras, secret audio recordings, drones and other spy equipment, their passwords and literature on their operation.

    9. Information systems, documents and archives on operational investigative activities of the Ministries of Defense, National Security and Internal Affairs.

    10. Banknotes, coins.

    11. Documents, discoveries, projects of national importance.

    12. Precious metals and stones in raw (natural) form (jewelry, precious metals and stones).13. Note: We do not ship mobile phones.

    13. Different types of batteries, power-banks

    14. Note: We do not carry mobile phones.

  • What do you mean "the seller canceled the order"?

    Sometimes your order is canceled by the retailer, ie the online store you are ordering from. If the order was placed by Mobex and the online store sent an e-mail informing the company about the cancellation of the order, the company also informs the customer. Sometimes online stores do not provide any information about the reason for cancellation of the order, while Mobex only informs the customer about the cancellation of the order and refunds the payment amount.

  • How long is the cargo stored in the warehouse?

    Your package is in each of our foreign and local warehouses one is kept for only 15 days. From 15 days to 60 days the cargo is stored will require an additional 50 cents. After 60 days, your package will be transferred to the company's balance.

  • Can the liquids and fluids be sent via Mobex?

    Any liquid product is imported from Turkey. It is possible to order perfumes, shampoos, hair creams, cosmetics and other products. Liquid products are imported from Turkey once a week. But, the import of liquid products from the United States is currently not carried out.

  • What is “Declare” and how does it work?

    The “Declare” section on the customer account is available for customers who do not use the “Order” service to pre-declare their packages entering our warehouse abroad. Customers are required to fill out this section with the name of the store (for example, from which they ordered a product, as well as its tracking ID, category, and price, and upload the invoice to the appropriate section. Please declare your packages early to avoid any mistakes that may occur.

    Note: You must provide the order number or cargo tracking number of your packages in the “Tracking ID” field.

  • How can I increase my Mobex balance?

    You can increase your balance online by logging into your personal account on our website. You can also add money to your account through E-manat terminals and online platform.

  • What is a Tracking ID?

    After full packing in the online store, the package is delivered to domestic couriers for delivery to the buyer. The courier service in turn gives a tracking number to the package. These numbers are required to declare packages. When ordering from abroad, you must fill out the “Tracking ID” field in the “Declare” section of our website. In Turkish cargo companies, the tracking number is given as follows:

  • Is regional delivery available?

    Delivery to the regions is carried out in cooperation with Azerpost. After being delivered to the post office, your packages are delivered to an Azerpost branch in the region of your choice within 2-3 working days.

  • How long does it take for the courier service to deliver my packages?

    Courier delivery within the city is carried out on the next day of the order.

  • How much is the courier fee?

    Payment rates vary depending on the delivery area. You only make one payment for several packages.

  • Xarici saytların adres bölümünə MBX kodunu yazmaq nə üçün vacibdir?

    Türkiyə saytlarından sifarişlər zamanı Adres bölməsinə saytındakı “Ünvanlar” bölümünündəki MBX kodunuzu mütləq qeyd etmək və xarici saytın həmin kodu qəbul etdiyindən əmin olmaq lazımdır. Xatırladaq ki, Adres bölməsində MBX kodu olmadığı təqdirdə sizin bağlamanız naməlum bağlamalar siyahısına daxil olur. Belə hallarda bağlamanızın göndərilməsində gecikmələr yarana bilər.

  • Türkiyədaxili daşıma haqqını kartla qəbul etməyən satıcı mağazalardan sifarişlər zamanı daşıma haqqı necə ödənilir?

    Türkiyədaxili daşıma haqqını kartla qəbul etməyən satıcı mağazalardan sifarişlər zamanı daşıma haqqı kuryer tərəfindən yerində tələb  edilir. Daşıma haqqının ödənilməsi üçün sizin sifariş balansınız mütləq şəkildə məhsulu sifariş etmədən öncə artırılmalıdır. Bağlama təslim edildikdə, sifariş balansınızda kifayət qədər vəsait olmazsa, bağlamanız xarici anbara qəbul edilməyəcək!